Sunday, December 01, 2013

NY & About on Black Friday by Adrian

I was not shopping on Black Friday so why not check out New York City instead. It is never boring to stroll in New York City regardless of how many times I have been there. See for yourself..!

The Skating Rink at Bryant Park
Puppet shop
Signage for Bryant Park
The Rink @ Rockefeller Center
Santa Claus made a special appearance
Window display at Saks with Yeti character
Window display depicting "real" New York life
Giant lights
Giant Christmas Ornament
City Bike (This is for you Mike)
Well, nothing would end the outing without a nice meal.  Guess what...! We had late lunch at Les Halles. Yes, the home base of Chef-at-large Anthony Bourdain. Unfortunately, we went to the one at John Street not Park Ave, his home base. He has moved on to "bigger" things in life e.g. a travel show on CNN.

Les Halles
Portuguese Mussels
Raspberry Rum Parfait (Excellent dessert recommended by our server)
That's all folks. Till next time. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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